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luv songs


kayo has been making music for a long time.

How long? Doesn't matter! Most of it as a bass player, but he's always written songs.

At first instrumental, then in English and gradually also in German.

Some are published, some reached semi-finals in international songwriting competitions, but singing lead upfront, me???

And now finally his solo-album will drop, 9 love songs with and without wind from the back.

Not only for shell pushers...



Good morning!

Who says the blues always has to be sung in cotton fields?

We sing it up here in the rapeseed fields, on the beach or on and below deck!

Well, and it didn't get that sad moaning kinda blues either. Just bluesy enough  to put a smile on your still tired face in the morning and to share it with your loved ones on the beach, on deck or on the  porch, to the delight of your neighbors, to sing...

...and because "Moin, Moin" is already babble up here, we should leave it this way!

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