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love songs

the album:


"Honest, thoughtful music - perfect for a long drive through the country. You'll be singing along, even if you don't speak the language."

Aimee Nolte,YouTube icon,pianist & songwriter

Up north where kayo is located now, it's windy; not always, but most of the time... and that's not just a gentle breeze or an advancing tailwind, sometimes it also blows in your face. 

On LUV SONGS there are 9 love songs, sometimes in the sunshine with  gentle shifting wind, then again quite disheveling...and not only about "love" in the classic sense, but also about the deeply felt affection for home or to the music.

kayo is of quite a ripe age to release his solo debut, but now it's about time.

Also on board is a crew of old friends and new accomplices, a real "best-of-both-worlds". Their contributions and influences make each of the 9 songs unique. Producing this album “together” (modern times?!) with all of them was the greatest joy.

German, English, instrumental, blues, country, Latin, singer-songwriter, pop-jazz - are you allowed to mix it? Of course, 'cause between all these grooves and lyrics the influences of the music that moved kayo over the last decades and those of his songwriting heroes do show up.

kayo was born Kay Wrede in December 1964.

After releasing the single „Blues an Bord“ in 2021, a duet with Lili Czuya, a Hamburg based singer, will now on Oct.07.22 drop his debut album LUV SONGS.

In 2013 and 2019 he reached the semifinals of the international songwritingcontest "Song of the Year" with two of his songs.

During his career he shared stages with Sasha, Luxuslärm, Tommy Emmanuel, Purple Schulz, Spider Murphy Gang, Heinz Rudolf Kunze, Vonda Shepard, Eros Ramazotti, Zucchero and many more with opening acts or at festivals.

To his long list of his songwriting-heroes you may count The Beatles, James Taylor, Crowded House, Richard Page, Nik Kershaw, Joni Mitchell, Carole King, The Eagles, Michael Franks and a lot more...


But this is how everything started:

At the tender age of 11 in Lippstadt, Westfalia he got a guitar in his hands and couldn't keep them off of her, so that from 2 years later on he was seen with her in public and on stages. Partly solo or with one of his first bands.

Shortly after that he fell for the charmes of deeper frequencies and changed to bass guitar...where he mainly remained up to today.

After a youth spent in rehearsal rooms and on various stages he moved to Dortmund intending to do „something serious“ but the music bug didn't loose his attraction.

Besides playing bass in new bands in the new home area he worked as live-and studio-musician and producer for a music publisher (almost 25 years), toured the world from Belarus to South America and played countless pubs, clubs, theatres and churches all over Germany.

He started teaching as well.

2005 he relocated himself to Kiel where, up to now, he lives, teaches and plays and, how now can be heard on LUV SONGS singing his own music. 

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